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15.Dec.2009 Rehearsal slot availability

A number of rehearsal slots have been freed up, so please get in touch if you need a weekly slot in the studio. Also check out the time limited recording packages available on the recording page – discounts for bands requiring more than one day in the studio.

05.Sep.2009 Oscillations Festival

Oscillations Festival has just begun – check out the great programme of events over the next few days!

14.May.2009 Weekend rehearsal…

I have some rehearsal slots available at weekends – get in touch soon as they’re bound to fill up quickly!

30.Mar.2009 Catalyst Room closed down

I only learned about this place one week ago, but I just heard that the Catalyst Rehearsal Room in Kilroot has closed down. If you were rehearsing there and need a place to practice, please get in touch and hopefully I’ll be able to sort something out for you.

09.Mar.2009 Attempted Break-in

I can’t give too many details as the PSNI are currently investigating this, but last week someone attempted to break in to the studio. They didn’t get in, but they did manage to damage the door in the process. Security has been beefed up somewhat – just to let you know in case you visit […]

First album recorded in the studio

Call it an album at a stretch, but in one twelve hour sitting, I wrote and recorded an album from scratch for the Record Production Month Challenge. You can listen to it on… idoru 23 – twenty three minus eleven

21.Feb.2009 Twitter

Just joined Twitter – it’ll be syndicated here, or follow resonatestudio.

Hello world!

Hello, good evening, welcome, to nothing much. Well, not yet anyway. We’ll see how this works out…