Recording Packages

COVID-19 Update

Recording packages are not available at this time.

Recording packages can be tailored to suit your needs, arrange a studio visit to discuss your requirements and to get an estimate of the time required. A pre-production meeting makes the production go more smoothly with fewer unknowns and to explore options for the finished product.

Recording vocals with backing tracks

  • Ideal for aspiring singers or those making a demo CD – the perfect gift for any budding singers, or to make as a gift for your friends;
  • Bring your own backing tracks, or we can supply them for an additional charge;
  • Record several vocals takes on the world famous Neumann U87Ai microphone (or anything else from our mic cabinet) and choose the best take;
  • Vocals processed, mixed with the backing track and mastered;
  • Tracks supplied on CD at the end of the session.

Solo performer

  • Ideal for singer-songwriters or solo instrumentalists;
  • Record your own instruments or vocals – or use the guitars, keyboards or drums in the studio;
  • Multitrack recording with overdubs – try something different;
  • Session players can be brought in as needed;
  • Produce your tracks with input on mixing and mastering decisions;
  • Tracks supplied on CD or digital formats after mixing and mastering.

Group recording

  • Ideal for bands wanting to record either live demos (with or without overdubs) or studio productions;
  • Option to record fully live for quick recording sessions, or for those looking to capture the “live vibe”;
  • Option to record to a click track to keep things “tight”;
  • Record overdubs any way you like – experiment with vocal harmonies, guitar overdubs and synths;
  • Make sure you get “your sound” by giving input on mixing and mastering decisions;
  • Tracks supplied on CD or digital formats – original stems are available on request.