Recording studio

COVID-19 Update

The studio is closed for on-site recording until further notice. Online services are still available, please contact us.


The studio is a 24 track digital recording suite. As it’s digital, you’ll have lots of flexibility, being able to record as many takes as you need to get the take you love. Twenty-four simultaneous tracks means you can record everything live too!

  • High quality mic preamps: Focusrite (Liquid Channel), Grace (Model 101), Yamaha (i88x, 01x), Alesis (IO|26) and others;
  • World-class microphones by Neumann (U87Ai), AKG (C414s, D112, C1000s, C2000, C3000, Solid Tube, Drum Set), Rode (NT-2000), Shure (Beta 58, SM-58, SM-57), Sennheiser (e906), and various other old but loveable mics;
  • Processing equipment by Ableton (Live Suite), TC Electronic (Powercore, G-Major), Focusrite (Liquid Mix), Line6 (Pod X3 Live / Pod Farm), and many other software processors (Oxygen Izotope, BBE Sonic Maximizer, Nomad Factory suite);
  • Synthesizers by Propellerheads (Reason), Access (Virus), Ableton (all instruments including Operator, Max4Live and Suite) with midi controllers by M-Audio (Axiom, Keystation), Yamaha (Tenori-on) and Monome (64 – including many Max patches);
  • Monitoring by Mackie (HR824-MK2) and Yamaha (MSP5a);
  • Guitars by Fender (Telecaster, Jazz bass), Line6 (Variax 500 guitar, Variax 700 bass), Parker (P36, P42) and more;
  • Amps by Vox, Fender, Marshall, Line6, Selmer and Hughes & Kettner;
  • Guitar effects – Line6 Pod X3 Live, TC Electronic G-Major, Mesa-Boogie V-twin, Blackstar HT-dual, lots of Boss pedals and more!
  • Cast bronze cymbals by TRX (LTD 14″ hats, 20″ & 16″ crash/ride), drums by Highwood (Maple shells & hand-hammered steel snare) and Pearl (Export) with pedals by Apex (A Longboard) and Tama (Iron Cobra Jr.)

Session musicians can be organised for most popular instruments for any recording session. Sampled software instruments can also be used for orchestral arrangements, without having to pay for session musicians. A range of software synthesizers including Reason and Access Virus are available for electronic musicians.

Rehearsal recording

I’ll record you as you rehearse. You’ll take away a CD with a recording of your rehearsal (up to 74 minutes). (Additional CD copies available for a additional fee).

Karaoke / backing tracks – you can sing or perform a solo instrument with your backing tracks. This will be processed, mixed and mastered in-house, and you’ll leave with your finished recordings on CD. (Again, additional copies available for an addition fee).

Recording only

If you prefer, you can record in the studio, then take away the unedited tracks on CD or DVD to mix and master at home or in another studio.

Full recording session

As above, but I’ll process, mix and master your recordings until you’re totally happy with the results.

Recording Packages

Introductory EP Recording Package

For a limited time, take advantage of this offer. We’ll record four tracks over two days (16 hours), or can tailor a package to suit your exact needs. You’ll record in a relaxed environment and I’ll advise you every step of the way – or we can just get down to business! Up to three hours of pre-production planning are included. After the initial mix is delivered, we’ll meet again to make any tweaks in a final mix session. You’ll take away a mastered CD and I’ll email you mp3 copies of the tracks.

Introductory Album Recording Package

As above, but with enough time to record ten tracks!

CD Duplication

CD duplication is available; please contact to discuss your requirements.

See the Rates page for pricing information.

Contact us for more information and to tailor a package to suit your exact needs.