Rehearsal studio

The rehearsal room is heated, and it’s quite spacious at around 30 square metres. Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided too, on request.

It’s well equipped:

  • Two guitar half-stacks – Marshall and Line6
  • Guitar cab – Fender 4×12 – use an extension for your combo
  • 300W bass amp – Line6
  • Pearl Export drumkit (please bring snare, cymbals and pedals)
  • 1200W PA with separate 150W monitors – with leads to connect your mp3 player
  • Shure SM58, Beta58A and SM57 mics (others available on request)
  • Mic stands, leads, keyboard stand and music stand are available

I can record your practices – if you let me know beforehand, mic setup won’t eat in to your rehearsal time. I’ll mix it and give you a CD when you’re finished.

Please contact me to check availability and make a booking. Please note, the regular slot time is 3 hours, unless by prior arrangement.

Cancellation policy: bookings cancelled with at least 24 hours notice will not be charged, otherwise a cancellation fee will apply in most circumstances.

Bookings are for the time slot requested – in other words, if you show up late, please don’t expect your time slot to slide with you! 🙂

Please keep the studio tidy! 🙂